In Path of Exile Scourge, the Challenge League has a standard version, a hardcore version and a Solo Self-Found version. They have the same core mechanism and items. Players can create private league versions of these leagues and use mods that make the game more difficult. At the same time players also need to collect some POE Currency.

The new challenge league includes a set of 40 new challenges. After completing 12 challenges, the player will receive the Scourge weapon. When players reach 24 challenges, they will receive the wings of Scourge. After completing 36 challenges, they will receive the Scourge pet. These microtransactions can only be obtained in this league. Starting from the 19th challenge, and every third challenge thereafter, players will receive Scourge totem pole decorations to display in their hideout.

Path of Exile Scourge adds a new intellectual skill gem Energy Blade, which provides a buff effect that significantly reduces the player's maximum energy shield and converts their equipped weapons into swords formed by this energy. Secondly, a new agility skill gem time and space rift was added, which retains mana to apply buffs and leaves the player's recent afterimages. Including players will POE Items Buy as rewards when the mission is successful.

Also added new agility, intelligence skills gem tornado, creating tornadoes, repeatedly damage the surrounding enemies. It will move forward for a period of time, during which the player's projectile can collide with it to cause damage, as if it were an enemy. It will then chase the enemy for the second duration and reflect part of the damage it receives from the player's projectile to them instead of its own damage. Added a new agility skill gem Poison, throwing an explosive bottle, causing unarmed attack damage in an area and a chance of being poisoned. The charge in the life bottle can be consumed to increase more damage. Finally, remind players that they can buy POE Currency at POECurrency.