The new mosque app is the brainchildren of Majid Iqbal, Ismail Mulla & Amjad Ali who came up with an idea in August 2021. It took them more than eighteen months to come up with an app that's now available on both Apple & Android devices. The result App helps users to gain access to up-to-date information of their favorite local mosque such as latest news, prayer times and events.

This application offers all essential information that a regular attendee can't get anywhere else. For example, the latest mosque service schedules, prayers timings and special events are listed down for the convenience of the user. The whole experience is made extremely easy by a single home screen which serves multiple purposes. Users can login to the application from any location using their Android or Apple mobile device.

In addition to all the important information, the mosque app also provides facility to book services such as taxi, shuttle service and air ticket booking, and even help finding accommodation. The user has the option of viewing 'My Web Profile' which not only stores personal details but also offers the possibility of uploading a photo. Besides, the 'My Web Profile' also stores all the relevant documentation of a person such as certificates, diploma and degrees. The entire database is cross-checked and verified manually to ensure accuracy before it is made available for public viewing.

In addition to this, the application also offers a host of features such as 'iclead' button,'prayed name' search option,'Prayer Timings' and'prayer cards'. This helps the users to find the most convenient time for prayer and also keeps track of the number of praying people in the mosque. The prayer cards feature provides multiple images to choose from and the entire card is automatically downloaded after submission. The users have the option of selecting a photograph or a clip from their camera to be used as a logo for the card.

Mosque software is not only designed keeping in mind the convenience of the users, but it also gives them an opportunity to save time by accessing the information at any point of time. This is possible through a dedicated 'Home' page which serves as the main portal for the application. The home page has a button for selecting a city and then users can browse through the list of mosques, based on the selected city. In addition to this, the users can also make a prayer request online through the'prayed name' or 'imony request' options available.


The information on each mosque includes the description, initiation of worship, names of the founders and past and present members, map of the mosque with Google maps, contact information and the e-mail Id. For those who would want to have additional information, they can either call the hotline or log in online. Apart from this, the users can also view the photos of the mosque and read the articles posted by the mubarak (preacher). In fact, the Mosque App is also useful for the education purpose as many renowned scholars have shared their thoughts and views on various topics through blogs and articles available through the app.


To provide more convenience to the user, the apps are categorized into four sections namely; Hospitality, Travel, Learning and Entertainment. The Hospitality section provides information on all the facilities available inside the mosque like health centre, shopping centre, physician, dining and bar. The Travel section provides information on hotels, flights, minibar, travel desk, car rental and tourist guide. Learning section provides courses and educational tools. These applications are completely free and do not require any subscription. They are available for both iOS and Android.


The latest addition to the Mosque App is its Entertainment section which offers amusement activities like games, ringtones, TV screens, wallpapers and free gifts. These activities are entirely free of cost and the users can download them by accessing the market research websites. This app can also be used to connect with your friends and family living in other countries. Through the Mosque App, you can share your experiences and share the same with others through blogs, forums and reviews. Thus, this app really makes you and your loved ones feel special.