EVE Echoes ISK Impressions from EVE Vegas 2019

EVE Echoes is tough. It aims to encapsulate all of the intrigue, drama, and player-driven stories we've come to expect out of New Eden, while supplying the experience on your mobile platform. I had an opportunity to go hands on at EVE Vegas 2019, and up to now, the MMO feels ordinary on hand-held devices.

Everything is intact - by the reaches of Nullsec space to the ports that make up Jita. Additionally, the group has complete access to CCP's source files (and CCP has access to NetEase's) and consequently the visuals seem almost identical to the PC customer of EVE Online. While a more discerning eye may spot the differences, at a distance I found myself watching footage onto a display and being shocked as it had been revealed to be EVE Echoes.

But the experience could be if it did not handle well. And even though I just had a few hands-on sessions on either an iPhone and an Android tablet, I can say that movement and controlling your vessel feels very natural. Just tapping on the section of space that you want to go moves your ship, and while the procedure to warp does not differ much from the PC version, the entire affair feels less convoluted, as if the team supporting the cell game eliminated the unnecessary clicks that make a few of EVE's procedures feel too complex.

However, it's combat that's significantly simplified, and it's a place where I'm hoping we see improvement about the PC version of the title. Targeting multiple customers may be a hassle for Cheap EVE Echoes ISK players still learning how to pilot their ship. EVE Echoes includes a wise Goal feature that automatically targets each enemy ship in the area.