The HP2-I05: What It Is and How to Pass the Exam

The HP2-I05 is the IT Security certification, which is prepared for candidates in the field of Information technology. The role of HP2-I05 is to test the competencies in information security technologies and techniques. The competencies as per the certification requirements need to be assessed by a human resource professional. 

How to Prepare for the HP2-I05 Exam

There are 599 questions in the HP2-I05 Exam and each question takes approximately 25 minutes to answer. Questions on HP2-I05 are divided into sections called ‘components’ that need to be answered to gain a passing grade. A set number of questions is given each day, which the candidate can choose to answer.  Each component has four or five questions. The total number of questions in the HP2-I05 is 608.  The HP2-I05 PDF questions free demo.  The HP2-I05 Exam Includes 200 Questions.  The HP2-I05 Examination 2017 will be held on November 19th, 2017. But you don’t have to wait until November 19th to start preparing. There are 599 questions in the HP2-I05 Exam and each question takes approximately 25 minutes to answer.

What is the Format of the HP2-I05 Exam?

The HP2-I05 Exam is broken into eight parts:  Part 1: Introduction to the HP2-I05  This part of the Exam comprises 40 questions. It focuses on helping candidates get familiar with the HP2-I05. To help candidates get oriented, each question has a common format which is summarized as below.  40%  to try to answer a common question  23%  to get information to prepare the questions  15%  to get information about topics  13%  to get an overview of the system  14%  to review other answers that you might have  2%  to answer some other question  4%  to fill in the blank for the common question  A review of the format is as follows:  The first 20 questions of the HP2-I05 exam are related to a common question.

Who Needs to Take the HP2-I05 Exam?

HP2-I05 is considered one of the toughest computer exams in the world, but the best alternative for candidates who want to become an expert in the field. It is a wide subject and it is a simple concept. To know more, click on the following link.  HP2-I05 Selection Criteria What Will You Learn in HP2-I05 Training Course?  You will learn to select key data, documents, and encryption techniques for your personal and business computer. All of these abilities will help you to create strong, secure, and anti-intrusion security systems. As an HP2-I05 program, you will learn some basic concepts related to encryption, security, and computer architecture.  Each topic in the course is based on a specific system or key technique.


The HP2-I05 is a product of many years of intense research in the HP services market. The author of this blog has worked with more than half a billion dollars worth of HP products, seen it all, and lived the fail rate and customer experience, so his assessment of this certification is not based on a privileged position. He has the real story and can only share it with his valued readers. In this blog, I am addressing HP2-I05. The certification is a result of months of hard work and dedication of professional HP consultants and technical experts who have devoted their entire careers to this specific field of certification. Let’s look at what the certification is.