How does the CLF-C01 Cloud Practitioner Exam Work?

The exam will take 60 minutes to complete. The application of the exam was designed in collaboration with the Cloud Certification Institute. It is based on the principles and best practices described in CLF’s CLP 2-0901 Cloud Practitioner book. To pass the exam, you must have 2.5 years of experience as an AWS-certified cloud expert.  Prepare to pass your CLF-C01 certification exam First, we will show you the most important facts about the exam. Then, you will learn how to prepare for your certification exam. The preparation kit you will get at the beginning of the preparation will enable you to pass the exam. For more information, visit the ExamsEmpire.  The CLF-C01 certification is the gateway to earning over $20,000 a year.

What are the Prerequisites for Taking the CLF-C01 Cloud Practitioner Exam?

To pass the exam you must have an active CLF-C01 AWS certification with a 60-hour active certificate life. You must also have 10+ years of experience in IT (or equivalent) and to qualify for the CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:  Have a minimum of 2+ years of focused, structured, hands-on training (micro-cert) that integrates the practice and application of AWS skills, information, and computing technologies.  Utilize or create a Microsoft Azure cloud solution (SaaS or IaaS) for an end-user. You must be able to explain the design and implementation of this Azure solution.  Be an active user of the pre-approved AWS training solutions and solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack.

What are the Benefits of Getting the CLF-C01 Cloud Practitioner Certification?

These are the main benefits of getting CLF-C01 certification, listed below:  Enable your cloud-computing career to become more marketable in the job market earning a CLF-C01 certification will also make you eligible to earn a CLF-C01 Certified Cloud Professional certificate.  That said, in the professional category, CLF-C01 certification will make you eligible to Work with cloud resources as an infrastructure administrator  Manage cloud resources as a project manager  Join the CLF-C01 DevOps Mastermind and the CLF-C01 Lean Mastermind community Becomes an AWS Certified Solutions Architect  One of the best things about the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is that you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about AWS cloud platform.


Most importantly, if you are applying for an AWS Certified Cloud Professional, you should be able to validate your AWS competence through a certification like this, which is needed if you are interested in taking the exam.  Once you pass your CLF-C01 exam and you already have an AWS certification, you can then complete the new AWS Cloud Architect credential, which is also important.  So now that you know about CLF-C01, we should answer the most frequently asked questions about the CLF-C01 certification:  Which courses are used for the CLF-C01?  The CLF-C01 is a different certification than the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. This CLF-C01 is only meant for IT professionals that already have an AWS cert (or a specific qualification).