A pendant with a pear-shaped diamond looks most elegant, more so when it is adorned along with a pair of earrings featuring the same cut of diamonds. The slender and strikingly beautiful appearance makes it quite attractive. Pear loose diamonds are also encrusted on rings. Such a ring appears to have a lengthening effect and makes for quite a piece of statement jewelry.

More on Pear Loose Diamonds

This shape of diamonds is also known as Penderloque or the teardrop cut. Any jewelry that has pear loose diamonds will stand out as it gives out the impression of being a blend of marquise cut of diamonds and round cut diamonds.  The pointed edge of the diamond can make any color appear darker.

Even though it is one of the best cuts, it can have a bow-tie effect. In other words, a kind of shadow may seem to appear at the center when the stone is held at a particular angle against the light, something which is not desirable in such an exquisite piece of diamond.

Tracing the Roots of the Pear Cut Diamonds

It is believed that the cut first came into existence in 1475, thanks to Lodewyk van Bercken who made the diamond polishing wheel. With the help of this wheel, he could polish the different aspects of the diamond and used it to bring in symmetry in the way the facets were placed. This led to the introduction of the Pendeloque cut. It was seen that this particular cut led to very little shine and therefore pear loose diamonds were not viable commercially.

The Technical Aspects of Pear Cut Diamonds

The number of main facets range from four to eight. They appear at the lower end of the diamond and therefore cannot be seen. However, these are said to be the most crucial. Moreover, these are the ones that enable light to pass through the diamond and reflect the same.

Coming to the facets now, the total number of facets a pear loose diamond has is between fifty-six and fifty-eight.

For this particular cut of diamond, a ratio in the range of 1.5 to 1.7 is regarded as desirable. A higher ratio indicates how slender the diamond is.

It is also important to consider the color of the diamond. These diamonds tend to hold color. It is important to choose a good color when it comes to pear-cut diamonds.

The most important aspect is surely the cut and this reflects in its value. Symmetry holds the key when it comes to these precious stones. To know if the symmetry is correct, one can draw an imaginary line across the stone. If the parts of the two sides are identical to each other, then you can rest assured that the cut is perfect.

Pear-cut diamonds are in vogue. Owing to their shape, they give the impression of being slightly bigger than the round-shaped diamonds. So, what are you waiting for? Go and choose some pear loose diamonds for your jewelry.