Path of Exile 2 has seemingly been in exile for some time now – the last time we saw it was when it was announced back at ExileCon in 2019 – but not long ago we finally got a fresh peek at the anticipated action RPG.

A new trailer for Path of Exile 2:

You can also check out a nearly-20-minute 4K gameplay video showcasing the Vastiri Desert:

For those who don't have time to see the complete video right now, it flaunts a couple of brand-new weapon classes, the dangerous spear and the flexible weapon, which can release different sorts of attacks depending on what Bolt Skill Gems you pack your weapon with. We also get a consider a couple of miniboss fights as well as the Adura Caravan, a relocating home base you'll visit in between goals.

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As solid as the activity looks, perhaps one of the most impressive thing about this brand-new Path of Exile 2 footage are the video game's visuals. Not just are they exceptionally comprehensive, however, GGG has done a whole lot to improve their animations, with your character and enemies moving in subtly various ways depending on the situation. Fights likewise leave comprehensive scars on the atmosphere, with stacks of charred corpses as well as broken bones being left after especially intense experiences.

Frankly, Path of Exile 2 looks so good, you can’t help but wonder – will this work on the Xbox One and PS4? GGG producer Chris Wilson confirmed that "Path of Exile 2" is likely to be an exclusive game for PC and next-generation consoles, and cross-play is the content the team is studying.

Now we should put the time in the Path of Exile 3.14 league, in this league we can use Poe currency items for more fun.