Hi, hello how are you hope all is well, I am too fine,馃槂 okay let is end the chat so finally I found a significant topic on communication techniques, all right. Well no matter what you speak English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, etc. I mean the secret techniques that will, sharing you is applicable all language. And the big thing is that communication is a broad term it included body language too Not language only.

So big topic we will try to learn each And everything And covers small things also. 

Definition of Communication Techniques

Communication means to share your thoughts, ideas, feeling, etc through a medium. Techniques mean how to represent your idea and all to others. Finally, I must say Communication Techniques is all about the way of presenting things to others In which we try to convey our audiences. 

There are four types of communication 

* Verbal Communication

* Non-Verbal Communication

* Written Communication

* Visual Communication

 Verbal Communication is an oral form in which we transfer words with help of sound. Non-Verbal or body language are the same in this our body language tells our feelings. Written Communication, we express our thoughts and ideas with help of paper writing. Visual Communication is a digital language or marketing we can say it included animation, graphics, etc.

Let's dive into a master of communication 

If you do practice on a regular basis you definitely grave an effective voice tone way of speaking in public places.

* Powerful communication helps you to boost confidence.

* Well communication with interviewer or Hr 

* Reduce conflict and Misundersting

* You can face problems in a smart manner instead of dump

* Give wide growth in your working place.

* Society will respect your thoughts, or opinions too.

Now I am ending this topic, we will discuss briefly communication techniques. And the final destination is communication skills must need to all students  馃槆.

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