In the next season of Path of Exile's alliance expansion, Scourge, the cursed continent of Wraeclast, is under siege from an army of demons from a parallel timeline. And, naturally, players can also venture into this doomed parallel world to crush demons, so they can recast weapons with their own blood. At this rate, Wraeclast, where Path of Exile is located, will never become the top 10 fantasy island resort.

As with all the seasonal expansions and leagues of Path of Exile, players need to launch a new character to meet new NPCs-refugees from this parallel, doomed timeline, where demons rudely take over and redecorate a lot of flames and weird tentacles. The survivor entrusted a demon artifact, the blood cauldron, to the players and told them to embed it in their flesh to ensure its safety.

Crucible allows players to use damaged demon upgrades to re-forge rare items and be offset by penalties. These cursed objects can go through this process many times, each time re-rolling it with higher-level positive and negative characteristics. Players only need to grind some demons to POE Items Buy.

After charging the cauldron with overflowing monster blood, players can press a button to twist to the parallel hell version of their area for a quick rampage. It looks cool and lives with thousands of demons. Defeat them, harvest their corruption and inject it into the equipment players want to upgrade. Flush, repeat, and perhaps harvest some new contaminated Currency items in the demon world, allowing players to reconfigure the skill gem slots in the new desecrated equipment when using them. At the same time, if players go to POECurrency buy POE Currency, they can use the code "Halloween" to get 5% discount from October 25th to November 3rd!