An Overview of AZ-120 Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads (beta)


You will learn to understand how Microsoft Azure works and how to plan your use of it. The Azure infrastructure helps you deliver applications to clients and helps you store data in a secure, affordable way. Microsoft has recently announced that they will support SAP workloads in Azure for SAP HANA.  Azure made its debut in mid-2012 and it has since grown into a very large, global, and exciting platform to build and deploy applications. However, before we get into Azure itself, we must understand how Azure will benefit you and your clients. Azure has come up with a set of tools that simplify the use of Microsoft Azure. Azure Functions will enable you to develop Azure Functions that can be run on-premises or hosted in Azure with your existing hardware.

What is SAP?

SAP is a system of record for information, business processes, applications, and business intelligence. These systems allow the enterprise to track and manage the movement of all information between systems and channels.  From a small business organization, global manufacturing, and industrial organization, to a medical facility, a school, or a government agency SAP is used by an organization of any size to create a single system of record for information and create an effective “single pane of glass” that allows the organization to deliver value to its customers and provide a sustainable competitive advantage to its competitors.  Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft.

Introduction to the New Beta Exam

At ExamsEmpire, Azure for SAP Workloads Beta 2 – Support for SAP Ariba  Azure for SAP Workloads beta – Support for SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver  Azure for SAP Workloads – Server Integration Options (beta)  New Exchange Support in Exchange 2013 for SAP  New Availability Groups Support in Exchange Server 2013 for SAP  Azure for SAP – SAP_Ariba, SAP_CRM, and SAP_NetWeaver  Azure for SAP – Provisioning SAP SAP_CRM, SAP_Ariba, and SAP_NetWeaver  Project on Exporting SFS server to Azure  Exporting ISAM data to Azure  Exporting data to Azure for SAP.

Exam Objectives

30 Multiple Choice Questions  Prepared answers to our exam questions  Top Answers  –  75  Dive deeper into our knowledge base  Stacked items to gain quick advantage  ISBN | Paper Reference  – Download PDF  To Get Started, Visit Today:  Our selection process for the ideal candidate is based on a combination of experience and skillset, level of education and certification, and other compatible requirements. Applicants should have both theoretical knowledge of SAP technology as well as practical experience of its application.