How to Become an Advanced-Administrator Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

The Advanced-Administrator Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SU21) Certification is a salesforce certification given to advanced admin sizes who have proven their advanced administrative sales acumen. This is an opportunity to grow your leadership skills, meet industry standards, and benefit from one of the fastest-growing certifications in Salesforce.  Section 2: Overview of the Exam: What is the content of the certification exam?  The exam has three sections: a knowledge section, a salesforce assessment, and a career path question. Each of these sections is devoted to the different roles that an advanced admin size may fill in a professional salesforce environment.


At least 2 years of Business Development and/or marketing experience in a high-growth environment.  At least 1-year of Salesforce (or comparable) experience.  At least 1-year of Salesforce CMP/CMMI (or comparable).  Salesforce Mastery Certification (or equivalent).  Get our free 35-page Salesforce Sales Enablement eBook.  Who Should Take the Advanced-Administrator Salesforce Certification?  Excellent candidates for this certification have the following requirements:  At least 1-year of Salesforce (or equivalent) experience.  Demonstrated proficiency in understanding advanced practices, modeling, data modeling, and troubleshooting advanced Salesforce administration requirements.  Demonstrated proficiency in skills of using Salesforce dashboards and Roles & Permissions views.

Acing the Exam

To become an advanced administrator, you must meet some minimum requirements for Salesforce proficiency and two exam passing criteria. The minimum requirements include that you must be a member of a partner program, such as Salesforce Connect, and have logged 2,000 hours with Salesforce software.  If you meet the basic requirements, you will have completed the Pre-Admission Training Credentials (PATC) Course and the exam preparation training. The exam takes approximately one hour to complete, but you can expect to spend about five to eight hours studying.  An advanced administration certification is the most challenging advanced salespeople in the business to obtain and demonstrates your ability to learn and quickly execute a high volume of functions.

What Does it Take to Study for the Exam?

You need to have experience working with CRM and Salesforce.  You need to pass the Series 7 Exam and either has your Series 7 license or be current.  You must be a current customer account manager (CMM) in the United States or Canada.  You must be able to work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Marketing Campaigns.  You must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.  Basic requirements:  – A high school diploma or GED equivalent.  – Experience working with Salesforce or good knowledge of Salesforce.  – No prior experience working with Salesforce or experience with CRM.  – A good understanding of the Salesforce platform and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  – A high proficiency level of HTML5 and JavaScript.

How Can you be Sure you are Ready for the Exam?

At ExamsEmpire, You should have completed all the course activities listed on the above chart before the start of your exam experience. (Note: If you need additional advice, then we recommend you get in touch with If you are unsure about your ability to pass the exam, we will be happy to help you through the process.)  Should you have any questions about your preparedness or the certification exam, feel free to contact and we will do our best to help you through the process.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Advanced-Administrator Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SU21)?

As the newest level in the Salesforce certification hierarchy, you will learn more about the use of the applications, the Roles, Maps and Reports, and the portals within Salesforce. With a deeper understanding of Salesforce, you will be able to develop a system for doing business in a more organized, user-friendly manner.  This certification qualifies you as an advanced-administration Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SU21). That means you can implement and set up all Salesforce systems and be able to recognize and diagnose problems on an automated level.