Gabriel Mellace, the creator of the first virtual disco

En this world, no traffic counts and chinstrap. It is the “metaverse”, as virtual reality platforms are known that were born as a game and today promise an immersive experience that aspires to be the new digital revolution. At the forefront of this transformation is Gabriel Mellace (29), former CEO of the Tropea portfolio emporium and current Investor Relations of Decentral Games, the gamer company valued at 235 million dollars that was born within the Decentraland platform, the Argentine unicorn listed in 1500 million dollars that is a virtual city where you can buy from lots to Gucci handbags. Moria Casán with Pato Galmarini and the Massa To simplify an abstract concept even for the general public such as blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies, the businessman devised an event to show the potential of this new way of living experiences of all kinds. On October 9, Decentral Games will open the doors of the first virtual nightclub, neither more nor less than with the help of Amnesia, the famous bowling alley in Ibiza. With free admission, some of the best DJs in the world will play, such as the German Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, Luciano, Anfisa Letyago, Bushwacka, Luca Donzelli, Caal, Sam Blacky and the Argentines Romina Malaspina - launching his career as a DJ - and Manu Desrets . Together with his partner Martina Pereyra , the tech entrepreneur receives CARAS to anticipate how technology will change life in the near future. "What is Decentral Games?" - It is a company that has a decentralized autonomous organization, that means that the owners of the company are the ones who buy the decentral games token, which are all over the world. Each one has the right to one vote for each token they acquire and with those votes the direction of the company and the shares in the profits it generates are decided. Decentral Games is dedicated to the development of digital entertainment within the metaverse.Luisa Drozdek with her daughter, Delfina: "She has a lot of personality" "What is a metaverse?" - It is a virtual world where users meet, see each other, chat, play games or watch streams, make purchases. Our strong development was in Decentraland which is the Argentine unicorn, but that does not mean that we are limited to that metaverse. "How many virtual worlds are there? Máxima Zorreguieta: A tour of her risky outfits - There are several metaverses, even Facebook is developing one called Horizon, Gabriel Mellace the experiences that we develop can be adapted to the various metaverses that exist, but within all the existing ones we consider that Decentraland is the best option. We are currently developing the gaming unit and the one related to the music industry. At the same time, we are having conversations with an important soccer club to create a virtual stadium. What we aim for is that any industry that exists today in real life can generate a model of its business in a virtual way by the hand of decentral games. —How far are we from being able to experience this virtual world? - The idea is that this evolves rapidly as it happened with e-commerce. What we are seeing is that this can really become a new way in which users can do the activities they do on the Internet but in a more immersive way, in a warmer and more social experience, and not in a way as cold as entering to a web page. —And the most immediate launch is a virtual bowling alley, nothing less than the famous Amnesia in Ibiza ... Letizia Ortíz is consecrated as the most playful Royal with her outfits - Yes, it is a virtual electronic music festival that will be on October 9. Until now, all virtual festivals were streaming on YouTube. We made the environment so that they can enjoy it with other people, and that the show is one more addition but without losing the social part that is one of the most important in everything that this industry is. And one of the most important DJs in the world, Paul Van Dyk, is going to play. —How can the event be accessed? - It is important to say that it is free. To enter you have to go to the page or There is a very large button to enter the metaverse. Then you have two options: connect your virtual wallet or enter as a guest, although you will not be able to save any configuration. It is not necessary to have VR glasses.