Lighting water features is one of the most challenging kinds of lighting. LED is extremely energy efficient. LED bulbs convert electricity into light efficiently and with limited heat dissipation. We recently designed LED landscape lighting for a statuary fountain with a dramatic lion head and basin design. In other words: LEDs give you a lot of light for just a few watts. We installed a second light with a wider, 60-degree beam spread that provided a nice, soft floodlight effect.

LED light reaches its maximum intensity immediately after being switched on. So, LED Wall Washer Light sources do not have to warm up, like the economy lamps do. LED can produce light in all colours. Whether you would like warm, homey light or stimulating, cool white light … With RGB LED lighting, not a single colour under the rainbow is too much to ask. What’s more, the number of times the lamp is switched on and off has only a limited influence on the service life of an LED bulb.

LED lights are resistant to cold and to vibration. So they are perfect for outdoor lighting. LED lighting continues to develop as a cost-effective and environmentally preferable alternative to less energy-efficient bulbs. The punch of the laser beam combined with a subtle wash of light to soften the edges gave this water feature a dramatic and romantic feel. Buying the right LED light can be a little overwhelming at first. But if you follow this short guide, you'll be on your way to getting the best lighting for your home or business.

Things aren't so simple anymore, because LED lights are advancing so quickly. In other words: the wattage of a light bulb or fitting is no longer a direct guide to its brightness. Lighting paths around the pond defines the pond edges and creates nice reflections in the water. Each light had its own distinct purpose. Some had a wider beam spread to offer a soft, diffused wash of light. Some had a narrow beam spread, so the light traveled far enough to reach the tallest part of the waterfall.