Does your company have online training programs? Hopefully, 'rapid e-learning authoring tool' is the term that your organizations have come across. It works for quick development. Over the years, it helped in continuing the legacy of training courses. However, what makes an ideal tool? What are the features of the best rapid  authoring tools
? Want to know them? Below, let us explore.

Crucial Elements of Rapid E ​​Authoring Tools

1.     Rapid design features         

Clients demand effective
solutions. So, is the eLearning authoring tool quickly develops the module?   Remember, these tools must support multimedia content like animations, videos and images. Besides, in-built media assets reduce the L&D time by 25%. Buttons, CTA elements and stock of customized templates in tools allow clients to get, set and go to roll out the training program.

2.  Support compliance

SCORM compliant LMS and learning solutions are the bedrock of the best eLearning platforms... Compliant solutions are the talk of the town because it provides good accessibility of courses. Hence, check whether rapid authoring tools provide compliant solutions or not. If it provides, proceed further and if not, then collaborate with the service provider offering compliant solutions.

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