Become an AANA-CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

The greatest need in the anesthesia profession today is for RNs to take control of patient care and enhance patient safety.  CRNA’s are at the forefront of today’s knowledge-based healthcare revolution. CRNAs deliver practice-based leadership that advances safe and effective patient care with excellent patient outcomes at a lower cost.  Becoming a CRNA® credential shows that you’re committed to working with, advocating for, and inspiring a network of CRNAs who share the mission and commitment to improving patient care, education, leadership, and the patient experience.

What Does a CRNA Do?

The job of a CRNA is to provide the highest quality anesthesia care to patients in healthcare facilities. CRNAs are responsible for the clinical aspects of anesthesia care including the planning, the supervision, and training of staff, the administration of medications, and the insertion, maintenance, and removal of catheters. The CRNA will work with residents, fellows, and graduate students in an anesthesiology program to ensure their successful and safe practice of anesthesiology. They are also responsible for offering assistance in training more nurses in anesthesia.  There is a lot of platforms that can teach you the essential skills of being a CRNA, but the ExamsEmpire has been training CRNAs since 2015.