What is the TTA-19 Exam?

The TTA-19 Exam 2019 is one of the most well-known certification exams. The qualifying score of the certification exam is pretty high, as per some reports. More than 40 lakh people have passed the test. Candidates for the examination should have secured 50% marks or more in the 12th standard. The exam will be conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, on Sunday, January 27th, 2019.  The exam is conducted for people aspiring to become Technical Training Assistant, Technical Assistant, Technical Training Associate, Computer Operator, Office Assistant, Technical Teacher, Technical Assistant Teacher, Technical Assistant, and Office Assistant.


What is the ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level-Technical Test Analyst?

The ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level-Technical Test Analyst is a postgraduate designation for testing professionals who possess the skills and knowledge to carry out validation activities. The designation is a recognition of the candidates' depth and breadth of testing knowledge as well as a standard of excellence in test design and analysis. Candidates can also earn the ISTQB Certified Testing Professional certification.  Hence, ISTQB certification is not just a simple certification with no real career opportunity. It is rather a certification that has led to multiple job opportunities and is much sought-after amongst candidates. ISTQB certification has a formal requirement on its aspirants to be able to demonstrate competency through valid testing.

What are the TWO Most Significant Pitfalls the Organization should be Aware of?

A. Lack of the good process as a baseline
B. Cost of maintenance of test scripts
C. Test management will become more time-consuming
D. Need to train testers and gain skills
E. Coverage measurements are often difficult

The development manager asks you to identify suitable test coverage entry criteria for a
component test. Which TWO of the following would you recommend as appropriate for entry
criteria to a component testing phase?

A. 100% statement coverage
B. No critical outstanding defects
C. Test log available
D. Code review completed
E. Static analysis shows no major violation

Consider the following fault attack: ''Force all possible incoming errors from the software/OS
interfaces to the application''. Which of the following is the kind of failure you are looking for when
using this attack?

A. Application crashes when unsupported characters are pasted into an input field using the
windows clipboard
B. Front page of the application has an incorrect spelling of the company name
C. Application fails to display financial numbers in the correct currency format in reports