As summer approaches, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. At this time, the first thing most people think of is to go swimming. At this time, an acrylic swimming pool is needed. After being filled with water, you can enjoy the fun of life that can only be enjoyed by a transparent swimming pool. The transparent acrylic swimming pool is safe and easy to clean, allowing lovers and children to swim and fight together, continuously amplifying the cool and refreshing feeling.

How about an acrylic swimming pool? What are the advantages of acrylic swimming pools? And what are the maintenance methods for acrylic swimming pools? Next, Mirror will take you to find out.

Advantages of acrylic swimming pool:

The official name of the acrylic swimming pool is methyl methacrylate swimming pool, and the common name is special treatment plexiglass swimming pool. It has the reputation of "Plastic Queen" (acrylic is a homophonic of English ACRYLIC). The entire swimming pool should have uniform color, smooth surface, no delamination, bubbles, etc. The thickness of the surface layer is generally above 50 mm. Acrylic swimming pool has slow heat transfer, so it has good heat preservation and no "cold" feeling when touching the body surface. Compared with cast iron or steel plate swimming pools, it has a "warm and soft" feeling, and it will not hurt the body.

Acrylic swimming pool features:

Acrylic is a by-product extracted from deep-sea oil. In fact, if you carefully understand the material of acrylic, you will find that it is not so magical. It is also a kind of plexiglass, and the common transparent mobile phone display stands are made of it. Although it is also a kind of glass, acrylic is not as "fragile" as glass, and its impact resistance is 16 times stronger than ordinary glass, and it hardly breaks. Acrylic swimming pool is also one of the main materials for constructing infinity swimming pool.

Transparent furniture has always provided a variety of individual choices for petty bourgeois who love avant-garde in a non-mainstream way of existence. However, last year, several glass furniture burst incidents, although people yearn for transparent furniture, there are still lingering fears.

Maintenance of acrylic swimming pool:

Acrylic swimming pool should prevent sharp and hard objects from bumping and rubbing during use. When cleaning the acrylic board, use a soft cloth and detergent to wipe it lightly. Do not use a scouring pad. Once you find bristles, wipe with a soft cloth and toothpaste to restore the luster.

Choose a good swimming pool and spend the whole hot summer in enjoyment. The acrylic swimming pool will never disappoint. Acrylic swimming pools bring endless joys of life, and acrylic swimming pools are the performance of high-quality joys of life.

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