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GCP-GC-IMP Exam Dumps - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation

Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation GCP-GC-IMP Exam

The Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation exam provides an overview of the Genesys Cloud environment and describes the components that need to be configured when creating a new contact center. This exam also introduces the terminology used in Genesys Cloud as it relates to commonly used terms used in Contact Centers.
Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation exam is intended for System Administrators and Technical Operators to help them through the process of configuring the required components when deploying a new Genesys Cloud environment. After completing this exam, you should be able to perform actions such as adding and updating users, assigning user roles, and configuring telephony parameters for the contact center and users.
Note: The Genesys Cloud Certified Professional (GCP-GC) certification is obtained by completing the following three exams (Contact Center Admin, Implementation, and Reporting & Analytics). The prerequisite for GCP-GC is the Genesys Cloud Certified Associate (GCA-GC) certification.

GCP-GC-IMP Exam Objectives

Overview of Genesys Cloud Platform

Overview of Genesys Cloud Contact Center
Identify the various levels of licensing for Genesys Cloud

Introduction to Genesys Cloud Collaborate

Genesys Cloud Overview
Accessing Genesys Cloud

Configurations of Genesys Cloud Collaborate

Overview of Configurations
Location and Site Configuration
Adding people to the Organization
Organizing People

Features and Configurations of Genesys Cloud Communicate

Features of Genesys Cloud Communicate
Genesys Cloud Telephony Overview
Describe Genesys Cloud Voice
Features of Edge
Edge Configuration
Trunks in Genesys Cloud

Share Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation GCP-GC-IMP Sample Questions

Which button would you click to mute yourself when on a call?
B.Vertical bars
D.Drop-down arrow
E.Phone with down arrow
Answer : A
Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)
A.You can view both protocol and media capture logs.
B.You cannot view either type of log file.
C.You can view protocol capture logs but not media capture logs.
D.Media capture logs can be read only with the support of customer care.
Answer : A, D
Which statement is true regarding chat rooms in Genesys Cloud?
A.Notifications can be turned off per room.
B.There is a maximum of 50 users to a room.
C.You must have the room_user permission to use rooms.
D.Administrators assign people to rooms.
Answer : A
What should you do when a user leaves your organization to maintain high levels of security in the Genesys Cloud product suite?
A.Reset the user's password.
B.Rename the user account.
C.Set the user to Inactive for 30 days, then delete the user account.
D.Create a role for former users and add the user to that role.
Answer : A
How do you represent your organization when you contact the Genesys Cloud support team?
A.Organization ID
B.Company Name
C.Agent Name
Answer : D