The Active Skill Gems system is one of the most distinctive features of Path of Exile. When you port these Active Skill Gems into your weapons or armor, you will certainly gain access to a new capacity.

What Is An Active Skill Gem?

Active Skill Gems are Path of Exile’s version of abilities.

Active Skill Gems come in one of three colors, linked to their associated stat: blue for Intelligence, green for Dexterity, and red for Strength. While your class can use whatever Active Skill Gems you want, you will perform better with abilities that match your stats. A Marauder can use a green Active Skill Gem, but does even better with a red Active Skill Gem, for example.

Where Can I Find More Active Skill Gems?

Your very first Active Skill Gem goes down from a monster or a breast while adventuring. Just loot it like you would a normal gear piece. Mission providers commonly reward you with a choice of Active Skill Gems as well.

When you're selecting from a vendor, it's ideal to check out all of the treasures related to your stat colors. If you locate a few gems that collaborate with your skills, select the one you assume seems the most enjoyable.

If you're seeking a detailed Active Skill Gem, you may need to advance even more through the tale. Eventually, you will certainly find a supplier that can offer you all Active Skill Gems in the video game. But you will not satisfy her till later in the video game, during Act 6.

How Do You Level Up An Active Skill Gem?

Active Skill Gems socketed right into your gear acquire a section of your experience-- about 10%. There are certain things in the game that increase the amount of experience your Active Skill Gems earn.

Once your Active Skill Gem reaches a limit of experience, you will have the option to update your Active Skill Gem. This makes your Active Skill Gem a lot more effective, but can additionally make it harder to make use of. The greater degree your gem is, the even more of its linked stat you need to possess it. Leveling up a gem also raises the amount of mana you require to cast its capacity.

Now that Path of Exile 3.14 has been released, we need to create an excellent building after entering this league. This requires us to have a good understanding of the skill gem system, and we need to use a lot of Poe currency items to strengthen skill gems.

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