For Eve Online, many functions already provided by Echoes have been a good interpretation of the mobile world. In fact, if I have never heard of Eve Online and encountered Echoes in the app store, it is easy to think that the game is just another mobile game among the masses. For starters, Eve Echoes may even be mistaken for an idle clicker-type game-guide the autopilot to the destination, easily lock the target, open weapons and collect loot. Digging has been simplified to promote the habit of daily gatherings, and Echoes' timing skill advancement can easily satisfy players who only visit the game twice or three times a week. In fact, as you can see, Eve Echoes has made a lot of operational simplifications in order to make it more convenient on mobile devices, so that players will have a better experience.

Even at the beginning of a few days, I barely explored the service provided by Eve Echoes, but I have seen enough similarities between Echoes and its older brother, they knew that CCP didn’t throw away their recipe for success they found in Eve Online.

The EVE Echoes ISK biggest question now is what type of players will Eve Echoes attract and retain? In fact, just before the launch, more than 5 million players have registered, so it is clear that it is not just current Eve Online players playing the game. With the release of the new game, all players are in a stable state, but for at least a few hours, so I can see how retired or deprived players have flooded in to view Echoes. Then there is the attraction of exquisite mobile games, which can be brought into casual mobile game consoles.

These player groups, at their core, do not mix well. Regardless of the new start, dedicated players will surpass our casual players, but at least for a short time we should be able to coexist in High Sec. But will the most dedicated Eve players be willing to give up the thousands of hours (and dollars) they spend and stick to the simplified version they already have? If they stay, will they leave room for casual players? We will conduct a final review in a week or two in order to understand these issues and introduce in detail how CCP and NetEase are doing in creating a new Garden of Eden in the mobile world.

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