I am glad they put this info dump out. I'd expected most of PSO2 Meseta for sale this but was not very sure about a couple of things (their wording made me wonder about outfits/clients/etc). If we only get a true ranged/tech hybrid... They already mentioned on the 2nd trailer that levels and stuff will be different. You'll be back in Lv1 in NG, and not all courses will probably be there at launch. I meant it in a"we will not have access to our old abilities before we go back to the OG PSO2 ships" sorta way. However, my explanation was awful (and I am not sure whether my brand new one below's any greater ).

It seems like kinda the midpoint between"hard reset with decorative transfer" (like moving from Secret World to SWL, that was a dumpster fire of a procedure ) and also"regular expansion" (like BfA to Shadowlands, TBC into WotLK, Stormblood into Shadowbringers, etc). It's not quite like FFXIV Realm Reborn (like a few folks speculated when we first heard about it). Because the"old" areas are still a part of the exact same game, and you can go back and play them with the pre-existing abilities/classes/etc. I'm assuming people who desire OG PSO2 cosmetics would still should earn/buy them in OG PSO2. If that's true, we end up at something like present WoW (if you squint a little ).

"Old" content remains relevant for fashion purposes and you can go level something inside, but the new content made for the growth areas goes off the growth leveling (meaning in this situation, all-new/changed/different classes). And the skills will be changed enough that a level-cap PSO2 character and a level-cap NGS character are going to feel and behave mostly differently, even when they share a number of the exact same ability names/similar ability animations. (Compare just like a Wow Classic Paladin into a current BfA Paladin or some thing ).

I am using different MMOs as comparison points to wrap my head about it, but I might just be babbling at this stage.

Wonder if they'll have some thing similar to these, or perhaps something like the spouse machine in PSU.I think it was mentioned somewhere that mags do exist in NGS, however they don't function the exact same functionality as PSO2. You will notice they don't define that mags no more exist, only that the additional mag tickets of PSO2 will not confer the specific same benefits in NGS (implying they'll still do something). I believe Mags are probably going to be an optional to be shown on NGS, I hope that Mags are maybe like a Cortana AI or a Destiny Guide miniature bot thingy likely that might choose to appear from nowhere or can be observable at all times. If they are able to innovate Mag or perhaps create Mag something much more safer to invest points in unlike present PSO2 Mag feeding, then it'll be nice. I can imagine the Mag could just be like a means for transmissions from the navigator (or other characters) into buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the player and because of this a sort of decorative role of that.