What are the advantages of acrylic fish tanks compared to ordinary glass fish tanks? Why are acrylic fish tanks on the market more and more popular? Today, let’s take a brief look:

Acrylic fish tanks are 17 times stronger than glass, softer and more flexible.

In addition, they are more impact resistant, have a weight reduction of 50%, and are less prone to chipping or cracking.

Acrylic fish tanks provide better insulation than glass fish tanks, reduce temperature flux and improve the quality of life of fish.

Acrylic fish tanks are as clear as optical glass (93% transparency), and no green tint is added.

At the end of the day, acrylic is a plastic. Even if you use so-called "acrylic friendly" scrapers and scrubbers to take as many precautions as possible, all of this is because someone has stuck a grain of gravel or sand in your algae scraper or cleaning pad and you have a big order Annoying blemishes in expensive acrylic aquariums. Glass fish tanks can also be scratched; however, it has scratch resistance many times more resistant to scratches than acrylic fish tanks. In the long run, acrylic fish tanks look very old and faster than glass fish tanks.

Unlike reptile cages, if they are scratched, you can replace the acrylic plate over time, there is no practical way to repair a severely scratched acrylic fish tank. Since you can wipe with acrylic scratches, how do you drain a fully mature jar and introduce a series of chemicals/polishing compounds that may be harmful to your fish? It is also very difficult to score scratches from acrylic resin and restore it to its original transparency, especially in the interior of large custom tanks.

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