The heating system is mainly for the winter, when the temperature is too low, the rubber parts inside the pressure reducing device will become stiff, and thus work abnormally, making the vehicle unable to operate normally and the failure rate is high. Since most taxis have not cleaned the engine waterway, the heating of the natural gas pressure reducing device is not enough.

If the vehicle has not cleaned the engine water channel for a long time, it is best to clean it first and use it after the pressure reducer is hot. Also, even in summer, the vehicle should use antifreeze to avoid too much scale.

After the natural gas device is installed on the user's car, the user should pay attention to frequent leak inspections, because it is also a part of your car, and frequent leak inspections are very important. The specific method is to fill a plastic bottle with the detergent aqueous solution. During the inspection, spray the detergent aqueous solution onto the gas cylinder connector, pressure reducer high-pressure pipeline connector, pressure gauge connector, and pressure valve connector. If there is a leak, you can close the gas cylinder valve and go to the refitting factory for inspection and maintenance.

In order for natural gas vehicles to obtain good economic performance, in addition to a good ignition system, the cleanness of the air intake system is very important. Due to the different levels of dust in the air in different regions, the maintenance cycle of the air filter element is different. Generally, the air filter element is guaranteed to be purged every week and replaced every quarter, so as to ensure the economic performance of natural gas vehicles.

The spark plug of the ignition system should not be used for too long. It is best to ensure that one set of spark plugs should be replaced within 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, and the cylinder line should be replaced with one set of 50,000 kilometers to ensure good ignition performance.

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