The magnetic field distribution of the neodymium ring magnets is as follows: the inner space of the ring still belongs to the outer magnetic field distribution, and part of the magnetic induction line connects the magnetic poles of both ends through the inner hole of the ring.

What is the magnet?

A magnet is a substance that repels each other. If small molecules in an object can be arranged in the same direction, it becomes a magnet. Its composition is iron, cobalt, nickel and another special atomic structure, the atom itself has magnetic moments, the general arrangement of these mineral molecules is disorderly. Magnetic regions interact with each other to show no magnetism, but the direction of molecular alignment tends to be consistent under the guidance of external forces (such as magnetic field), showing magnetism, also known as a magnet.

The magnetization of magnets:

Most magnetic materials can be magnetized to saturation in the same direction, which is called “magnetization direction” (orientation direction). Magnets without orientation (also known as isotropic magnets) are much less magnetic than oriented magnets (also known as anisotropic magnets).

Advantages and disadvantages of ring magnet for motors

Ring magnets used in motors are usually bonded neodymium magnets with injection-molded ferrite rings. The disadvantage is that both materials have poor magnetic properties.

The advantage is that the cost is low, easy to assemble, and the general speed such as 5000rpm or so, no protection outside the magnet, but for the general motor is enough.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of neodymium ring magnets?

Advantages: simple structure, easy installation, and cost-saving.

Disadvantages: cost is more expensive than tile design.

Technically, the radiation ring has been very mature, and some large customers are using it in batches.

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