Nowadays, more and more manufacturers choose to use computerized embroidery machines to embroider, gradually replacing the position of artificial embroidery. So where are the advantages of computerized embroidery machines?

1. The computerized embroidery machine has an LCD display function

The LCD screen of this type of machine generally has a relatively high resolution. The status of the pattern can be displayed on it at any time during embroidery, and the Chinese and English interfaces can be switched according to the actual situation. The operation is very simple.

2. Various patterns can be stored

The computerized embroidery machine has a computer system that can store patterns in various formats, and the capacity is very large, so it can effectively improve the processing efficiency.

3. With the function of rotating and zooming the pattern

The pattern can be rotated at any angle, and it can also be reversed left and right. In addition, the pattern can be reduced by one time, of course, it can also be enlarged by two times. The specific range depends on the actual parameter settings of the embroidery machine, and you can also choose to implement it first. Zooming after rotation, or zooming first and then rotating, can meet more embroidery needs.

4. You can edit and combine patterns

The patterns stored in the computer system can be edited, and several different patterns can be combined in various forms to form a brand new pattern, which is very flexible and convenient to use.

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