In Path of Exile, we need a lot of Poe currency. Poe currency is usually various Poe Orbs, so we need to use various methods to get enough Poe orbs.

Drop It Like It’s An Endgame Orb

Before going off to some map to clear hordes upon hordes and obtain a couple of orbs, you need to keep in mind the common knowledge that not all Poe currencies have the same decrease rates. Typically, these orbs have a lower decrease rate due to how crucial they remain in crafting endgame gear:

Orbs that changes an item’s rarity into Rare:

  • Orb of Alchemy – normal to Rare
  • Regal Orb – magic to Rare

Orbs that affect sockets and links:

  • Jeweller’s Orb – changes the number of sockets on an item at random
  • Chromatic Orb – changes the color of sockets at random
  • Orb of Fusing – changes the number and configuration of links

Orbs that affect a Rare item’s mods:

  • Chaos Orb – changes modifiers of a Rare item
  • Exalted Orb – adds random modifier on a Rare item

You can farm all sorts of Poe orbs, but it’s highly recommended that you focus on these if you’re looking to sell Poe orbs or use them for your consumption.

A More Educated Grind

Farming is simply killing plenty sufficient opponents to have a possibility of going down Poe currency, hence the factor AoE develops remains to dominate. However without pc gaming the system, farming is extremely tiresome, to the point that you might take into consideration considering PoE trade instead. To farm effectively, one needs to consider the variables involving decline prices and also make them work in your support.

The first of which is level. Unless you're worried about Exalted Orbs, which only drop when you're at level 35, you don't require to accomplish a details degree. Rather, you just require to bear in mind that monsters 2 or even more levels below you have a lowered drop price. So rather than most likely to maps with low-level opponents that you can conveniently farm, it's better to handle enemies of the same degree as you making use of those Poe Uniques.

On an associated note, do not enter into thinking that the game will certainly compensate you with higher drop prices for taking on monsters with a higher level than you. While this won't punish you, this will not get you anything extra either. The video game incentivizes risk-free farming as opposed to a high-risk high-reward play design.

Another way to improve drop rates would be through the following gear mods:

  • Increase Quantity of Items Found
  • Increase Rarity of Items Found

These 2 jobs synergistically. The last ups your opportunities of getting unusual items merely by increasing the variety of items you get, while the former rises the rarity of said drops. It takes high rates of that mod before you notice that it's working, so if you can have both or more of your equipment having either among both (preferably the latter), that would certainly be terrific!

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