Runescape is a game of a thickness, choice and identity with so much to do very few WOW players ever finish everything, in Runescape classic gold wow is a sandbox there's hundreds of unique ways of earning gold (and gold Is sooo important in runescape) it's entirely up to the participant there are so many different bosses and so many different abilities to invest in to form your individuality for a participant. I was really just taken back by bad WOW Classic was post 60.

A great deal of content = thickness. Crafting doesnt get any more basic than runescape and the battle is remarkably straightforward, together with the most complicated portion of it being prayer flicking.Depth probably meaning AFK'ing cows to finishing a lava cape run, latter requiring anything but easy combat mechanics xD.When just a small percent of WOW players may finish it I wouldn't call it simple combat. I have played Runescape because I was a kid and still people are learning new procedures to control mechanics. Your argument that astrology flicking is easily the most complicated part of battle shows you obviously have not experienced Runescape past'simple' combat.

Relative to other matches runescape combat IS simple. It is one of the easiest if not the very easiest MMO now out. Just because theres just a few number of WOW players together with the stats or interest to complete content, doesn't imply its particularly deep.Name a more complicated mechanic in runescape then taking advantage of host ticks to stall shedding prayer energy. Is equipment shifting mid fight. Fights in runescape compared to other MMOs require virtually no input in contrast to other MMOs who have massive amount of rotations and skills/spells for them.

I had heard a great deal about Wow PVP only in general, I'm a huge pvper (I love games with adequate ladders to grind e.g CSGO, LOL, Release OW, etc.) and has been super keen to get into wow pvp, turned out to be among the worst Pvp experiences I had ever had, I was never a big PKer (player killer) in runescape but I did respect the skill of maxed hybrids, I expected WoW to blow it from the water pvp wise but I was left with even more respect for buy classic wow gold how good runescape pvp can be.