There are many types of universal joints. When we don’t know what type of universal joint we need, we can choose custom universal joints , which are convenient and accurate.

Universal joints can be divided into rigid universal joints and flexible universal joints. A rigid universal joint is a universal joint that has no obvious elasticity in the torsion direction. It can be divided into unequal velocity universal joints, quasi-constant velocity universal joints, and constant velocity universal joints.

Variable speed universal joints. When the angle between the two shafts connected by the universal joint is greater than zero, the output shaft and the input shaft transmit motion at a variable instantaneous angular velocity ratio, but the average angular velocity is equal to the universal joint. Quasi-constant velocity universal joints refer to universal joints that transmit motion at an equal instantaneous angular velocity under the designed angle and transmit motion at approximately equal instantaneous angular velocity at other angles. The constant velocity universal joint, a universal joint in which the output shaft and input shaft connected to the universal joint transmit motion at the same instantaneous angular velocity at all times.

In addition to these, there universal joint for truck , or universal joints that are classified according to models.