"25th Anniversary" Dunk revealed! Air Jordan Shoes 2021 Special tongue + 3D Swoosh, the upper foot is unusual! As early as last year, a Vietnamese-themed Dunk SB was exposed many times and received a lot of attention at the time. With the official debut of "Chuck Snyder's Justice League", I believe that many fans have once again been fiercely fanned by the classic "Fastest Hero Flash" among them. This time Nike launched SB Dunk "Vietnam", although not for The Flash came out, but this color scheme is so good that you have to start.
Recently, this Nike SB Dunk Low, dedicated to commemorating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of a factory in Vietnam, has once again ushered in exposure, and it seems that it is not far from the sale. Since it is based on Vietnam, the red and yellow colors of the Vietnamese flag are selected as the main line in the color matching design. At the same time, it is supplemented with simple and steady black and white filling, which has both high-energy vitality elements and low-key visual experience. The Swoosh Logo is mainly yellow, with red as a supplementary outline, and is embroidered. The design method comes with 3D effects, but also has a dynamic visual experience. The classic Nike SB logo on the tongue has also been changed to "Nike 25", and the high-profile identity is ready to emerge. The toe cap has a commemorative pattern to commemorate the 25th anniversary, and the words "Nike Vietnam 235th Anniversary/1995-2020" directly point out the commemorative theme.
The Nike SB Dunk Low Vietnam 25th Anniversary shoe is the color scheme designed by Nike in Vietnam to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It is made with the red/yellow color of the national flag as the main color. In order to show its commemorative status, the white toe cap is printed with the word Nike Vietnam, and the tongue label is also printed. The words "Nike 25" are printed. In addition to the eye-catching appearance presented by the bright red, yellow and white colors, the three-dimensional Nike Swoosh created in red, yellow and black is the most distinctive of the shoes. With such a delicate texture and color scheme, the upper foot effect is very good, and it is estimated that it will become the favorite style of many people.