What is FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is the name of the online Final Fantasy Game. It provides a whole different situation that its offline counterpart. The user experience changes completely since it provides different races, clases and complex market systems to trade with players.

This game is also time-consuming, since you'd be having to spend a lot of hours to gather Gil and gear to explore the world and not get killed.

Is there a need to have Gil in FFXIV?

As an online game, it has systems to trade and feed up itself. And one of them is the currency system.

In here, they use Gil. You will need lots of this FFXIV currency if you want to improve your character and get the most incredible items like mounts.

Where can you buy Gil?

Gil is not something that you can actually buy in regular terms since they are dropped in several ways during the game. You can get it by killing monsters, farming them; you can sell rare or expensive items in the free market or to NPCs. 

The thing with this, is that you need two things in order to get Gil in quantities: Time and good gear. If you have these two, you won't need anything else and eventually you'll get where you want.

However, if you don't, you'll feel stuck since it's an important part of the game. So, what should you do?

You'll need to get it by other means. This is where Players and FFXIV communities get in. You can find them in or out of the game and sell or buy the currency to them. You'll have to pay them in real money, but is totally worth it.

Is it Legal to buy Gil?

You may be wondering if this is legal. Well, let me be honest with you. Yes, it is.

You just need to find the right website and be sure that they have secure payments so you can be aware that you won't have any problem during the transactions.

There's been a lot of complainings about this, since people don't use reliable platforms to do this, so its suggested to have that in count before doing something you may regret about.