Today we will talk about the benefits of acrylic swimming pool to the human body:

The effect on cardiovascular

1. Swimming has a very important effect on the improvement of the cardiovascular system. The stimulation of cold water can promote blood circulation through heat regulation and metabolism; in addition, the pressure and resistance of water during swimming also play a special role in the circulation of the heart and blood. When swimming on the surface, the water pressure on the body has reached every level. Square centimeter 0.02—0.05kg, as the depth increases and physical conditions change during diving, the pressure will increase, and the increase in swimming speed will also increase the pressure load. The muscle tissues of the atria and ventricles can be strengthened. The volume of the cavity can also be gradually increased, and the number of beatings of the heart can be reduced, so that the activity of the heart can be saved, but the entire blood circulation system can be improved. The systolic blood pressure increases and the systolic blood pressure decreases in a static state. , So the blood pressure value becomes more favorable; the elasticity of blood vessels is also improved.

2. According to the statistics of relevant experts, the average person's heart beats about 66-72 times per minute in a quiet state, and the output per stroke is about 60-80 ml. Those who participate in swimming exercise for a long time will contract about 50 times in order under the same conditions. , The output per blog has reached 90—120ml.

The effect on the respiratory system

1. During swimming exercises, the metabolism process and the work of the cardiovascular system are inseparable from a large amount of oxygen supply. However, because water compresses the chest and abdomen, it makes inhalation more difficult. Someone has done special experiments. When swimming, a person’s thorax must be under the pressure of 12-15kg of water, so in order for the body to get enough oxygen, the breathing muscles must constantly overcome this pressure; in addition, the exhalation during swimming is generally done underwater, and The density of water is much greater than the density of air, so if you want to exhale, you must use force, so that whether it is inhaling or exhaling, it can increase the contraction force of the respiratory muscles, thereby enhancing the function of the respiratory system and increasing lung capacity .

2. The vital capacity of an average healthy man is 3000-4000 ml, while those who are often engaged in swimmers can reach 5000-6000 ml.

The effect on human skin

1. In the process of swimming, due to the stimulation of water temperature, the body is in order to ensure sufficient temperature. The blood vessels of the skin are involved in important regulation. The stimulation of cold water can make the blood vessels of the skin constrict to prevent heat from spreading to the body. At the same time, the body is stepping up to produce heat, expanding the blood vessels of the skin and improving the blood supply to the blood vessels of the skin, so that long-term exercise can strengthen the blood circulation of the skin.

2. In addition, water is a very soft liquid, and due to the action of water waves, the skin is constantly rubbed, so that the skin can be better relaxed and rested. Therefore, people who often participate in swimming exercises have a smooth and white body. , Soft skin.

Swimming can improve bone quality

1. Promote growth and development. Adolescence is the golden age to grow taller. For teenagers who are growing up, regular swimming exercises will give you a chance to grow into a tall man. When swimming, the pressure in the water is several times that in the air. Regular swimming can increase the pressure on the osteogenesis of the epiphysis and stimulate the growth of bones. In addition, the legs are almost always doing kicking movements during swimming, which is conducive to the growth and development of bones.

2. In addition, since the person is always level or close to level when swimming, the joints of the limbs and spine will not be directly impacted by the reaction force from the ground when swimming, which is not easy to cause damage to the ankle and knee joints, which is very safe. Item sports.

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