The containers we see every day are transported on ships or on skeletons. All kinds of containers are our common ordinary transportation containers. What is a mobile hospital for a single "container hospital" manufactured in response to the epidemic? Is there a certain advantage?

A "mobile hospital" is a mobile hospital that can be moved to any place. The great advantage is that it can "carry" the comprehensive medical rescue system to the vicinity or on-site of disaster relief, quickly implement on-site rescue, and reduce "transportation." The "golden time" of lifesaving can save lives to a great extent.

However, the great difficulty of "mobile hospitals" is that they are "expensive" and need to have the economic strength to change, to ensure a certain number of "mobile hospitals" for emergency and peacetime use.

With the steady improvement of China's economic, technological and industrial level, more new technologies and innovative ideas will be applied and better served in our public disaster relief. Among them, the construction of a "mobile hospital" is one of the key recommendations for disaster prevention, disaster relief, and disaster relief.

According to the researchers, the emergency mobile medical rescue system is suitable for emergency medical treatment and medical treatment of the wounded and sick under field conditions, for the implementation of emergency life-saving operations, critical emergency care, imaging diagnosis, clinical testing, and hospitalization of the wounded and sick. And other functions.

The system adopts appropriate design, including a medical unit, ward unit and logistics unit. It has complete functions, good mobility, strong adaptability, independent self-protection ability, and can respond to public health emergencies and major disasters.

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