Maintain Your Pool Heater.

Your pool heater is likely the priciest piece of pool equipment that you own. So, it’s important to protect it during the winter months to avoid the need for costly repairs or replacement.  Custom Swimming Pools In Denver

If you keep your pool heater running during the winter, it’s likely to attract pests. The warmth that it produces is a major draw for small animals during the chilly Colorado winters. So, be sure to properly turn off your pool heater for the winter. 

Pool heater models vary, so the process of turning them off for the winter can differ. But, you can follow these basic steps to switch most pool heaters off for the winter:

  • Close both of the gas valves. Typically, one gas valve is located inside of the heater with on/off labels and another valve is located at a point on the gas line running to the heater. It’s important to make sure that both gas valves are closed to avoid a gas leak, which would present a fire risk. 
  • Shut off power to the heater at the electrical breaker. 
  • Open up the pressure switch to avoid damage if trapped water freezes.
  • Open the drain cocks/winterization ports by removing all drain plugs. 
  • Use a shop vac or a leaf blower to blow the remaining water out of the heater.