The hardest part of fixing a leaky roof is locating where the problem lies. Although it’s easy to spot the signs of leaks in a roof (water stains and mold growth), water however, is easily diverted by insulation once it penetrates the roof. 

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So, even if you’re able to locate the signs that show that your roof is leaking, spotting where the actual leak is may be a hard nut to crack.  This is the major reason why the repairing of roofs often start with a good amount of detective work. Highlighted in this article are tips that will come in handy when trying to spot leaks in a roof.

Carry Out a Thorough Inspection
Make use of a flashlight to get a good look. Be on the lookout for areas that seem darker than the surroundings. It may be difficult to see moist areas if it has not rained recently. However, you may see mold, as they tend to linger for a while. Therefore, if you’re able to locate mold growing in a moist area, it’s possible you’ve located the leaking spot on your roof.

Inspect the Insulation for Damages
Insulation often obscure the underside of roofs. If this is the case with your roof, then it can assist you in locating the leaking spot. If you notice any damage on a part of the insulation, then remove all of the insulation that is close to the spot where this is observed. Once this is done, you will be able to trace the path of the water from the spot the damage is spotted, to the point the water entered the roof. You will need to arm yourself with the necessary protective gear since you will be working with insulation.