More and more people have been captivated by cosplay and the number of people who are enthusiastic about cosplay is still on the rise. For cosplayers, it often takes them much time and energy to do a good cosplay. For this reason, they often spend a lot of time in finding cosplay costumes that fit them well. Things will go easy when they know a reliable seller with high-quality cosplay costumes.

Cosplayer Supershowgirlcosplayer also pays tribute to the most popular female version of Green Lantern, although it does so in a more obvious manner - the fan artist is wearing the lantern-shaped eye decoration. The superheroine that is of Mexican, Honduran, and American descent has extremely dark beginnings. She is tortured both by the Ring itself and the tragic death of her friends before receiving the supernatural abilities.

That being said, this cosplayer is hardly relying on her visual attributes too heavily, and she has gone the extra mile when it comes to her costume. The sword carries the runes that you'll find in the actual comic, and her crown looks extremely well proportioned. The armor also looks very authentic.

Cosplayers put a lot of effort into their craft, but their costumes are rarely as good as the original design itself. This is because the original designers have a lot more time and money to work with compared to cosplayers.