Pokemon Sword & Shield is the second-selling product in the pokemon series. Needless to say how hot it is. In the game, the legendary Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon are rare representatives, and players are eager to explore. The female players outside the game are also exerting their creativity and showing their love for the game, and various cosplays have emerged one after another.

One of the more popular players is Zureeal, the character Marnie in Pokemon Sword and Shield. She has made an epic transformation of Marnie. It's all the rage on Twitch and Instagram. The talented portrait of her beloved by her team celebrated the victory in the Galar region. Classic punk-style clothing makes people feel that Marnie has come to the real world from the Internet.

The popularity of Marnie will also shock Game Freak, introducing two competitors in the eighth-generation version of the story. Although the role Hop is an early traditional role, Marnie, as the second challenger, received most of the fans' love, even though she was only known after joining the Galar League.

As the star of Marnie, Zureeal also successfully demonstrated Marnie's punk style to the fullest. She will learn Marnie's fighting posture, holding the props in her right hand and poking the ball, the classic black jacket, with the silver pendant collar and the red band on her hair, it is real without losing the sense of Marnie's animation.

Of course, she also played the role of Armor DLC Klara, as if bringing the role to life. You will also meet Mustard's Dojo, the poison trainer. In the DLC Crown Tundra in October 2020, Marnie and Clara can also fight side by side with players.

The popularity of Pokemon Sword & Shield can also be seen from the number of players in Buy Shiny Pokemon. The number of good-looking cosplayers is relatively small, but there are also great artists who are very realizable. The beauty of the game can also be realized in reality. Pokemon go's VR technology is also such a rich real life.