This year's game has never seen such ignorance in AI teammates! Or your teammates that endure either 4 feet behind the three point line or straight on it catch and take 3s are always screwed up with NBA 2K MT Coins to reposition them following the catch. Or teammates that bring their defender clog your route to the basket and directly for you while driving or just get in your way. Or teammates that always without fail don't do what they're supposed on displays. Or teammates that take off from their place the second you attempt to maneuver for a simple turnover for your competitor to them.

2k20 has been at ridding you for playing good defense the worst! Many block shots turn into instantaneous aids for another group? Or how many times will you poke at a ball loose from a chunk handler to see it roll to an opponent for a wide open shot? How often has the teams SG captured rebounds against your frontcourt!?! Your badges don't mean squat offline. GOAT Hakeem with 99s and every HoF badge always gets out rebounded by a 6' protector after you block 3 of his shots to observe him green which attempt. You shouldn't get punished for playing very good defense nor should triumph and you have to try even though your own teammates giving NBA 2K21 off!

The AI is mostly why I can't even stand playing career. I'll be running a clear pick and pop on top of the key.when the teammate who had been terrifying at the corner another ago, is bringing his defender right to me. Or they'll collapse on my drive, and my teammate that should be outside is instead camping just outside the paint.then once I hit him, rather than pulling the easy mid range, he does the specific same slow roll and layup cartoon every single time, either becoming blocked or smothered. And 2K's thought of"improved AI" so much has been to simply blindly send doubles at you once you score a few times.

I've broken two controllers so much this year having to take care of the level of stupidity of my GOAT squad that was supposed. I hate that show gather bs they force you to utilize. All it does is provide the juiced D that time to smother you! Why does the cpu get to empty greens in your smothered D every time down the court, and completely ignore your intimidator badge but when they are in 5 feet you airball every solid white shot you require. And can it be even possible that their shield is faster than your ability If they believe I'm dropping another dime on their own merchandise that is bullshit Buy 2K21 MT can kick stone. It doesn't even resemble basketball anymore with these out of position cards and guys like Eddy Curry, who never taken a 3 suddenly can't miss!