Horse connection. Made from: Any metallic pub. Made by: Utilizing metal pub with anvil to make the connection. Nailed to OSRS gold carriage so that the horse can be attached. Requirements: At least three smithing for bronze link. So that is all I have come up with so far. Obviously where I've put in requirements, Jagex would turn to be appropiate to players along with the game and also, each section will provide you exp from the skill it requires. Feel free to comment on the idea and give any suggestions that might make it Also: totally fire it if u hate it. I take it as constructive critiscism.

There are pures that many people on runescape have. But perhaps they'd want to perform lets say a pursuit to be able to wear a rune platebody. But they would not want to get that 18k in strength or defence!

If you wished to lower any COMBAT stats such as variety, prayer, magical, str, def, and att you'd just have to talk to the de-trainer. SUGGESTION 1: '' I think the de-trainer should only bank a certain quantity of xp and you would have to speak to him to get it back whenever you want. PROS: Good thing if you would want to be a particular type of pure ex. Str pure, def pure, mage pure, array pure or if you leveled something and may regret doing that. CONS: To me personally, I think it could be a teeny bit unfair im guessing or it might not work. SUGGESTION 2: (that could take away the xp eternally )

Instead of banking the xp, the de-trainer could sent one to a backward world otherwise called Scaperune. In scaperune, there are several creatures which you can fight that are fit your lvl. (NOTE: all the monsters would have hp of both 100 and also these monsters won't fight back you so theres no need for food.) If a person was level 43, then they'd fight a level 43 scaperune creature. Of course you would not perish would have 100 hp (look above) PROS: An honest way other then banking xp. CONS: A VERY long way to cheap RuneScape gold do this. (for me personally, I would really like suggestion 1 unless you believe the latter) So if your not sure about his or don't enjoy it, then you can tell me ways of enhancing this.