Animal Crossing: One thing New Horizons has discovered is that they know that what is urgently needed now is to develop an escape route for the Hornets. Fortunately, players have discovered that the escape route of the Hornets can be managed by Mario.

In the early days of the game, we knew that users could share with the Animal Crossing subdirectory. Players can use Mario warp pipes to share these fragments in order to quickly get rid of the swarms of angry wasps after shaking the tree. Afterwards, the players figured out how to put it in the pipe, and the wasp would dissipate just as the player entered the building.

If players want to delay the wasp attack, they can use the dance method. This is actually a kind of hacking, but this behavior can prevent the Hornets from entering the track to Buy Nook Miles Tickets avoid the stinging of players. Players only need to place the warp tube in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Super Mario update near the place where the tree is usually shaken, and then the players walk directly after the wasp nest falls.

This is another useful method of piping. On their own island, players have built their own subway station. Animal Crossing: Fans of New Horizons found an interesting thing. To prevent Daisy Mae from leaving at noon, players can control the rugby fish from outside the tank. In this way, when it rains, the frog villagers will show unique behavior.

Snow has officially bid farewell to the northern hemisphere. For the annual spring event, players in the resort can start looking forward to it. This means that players can see the exciting things that are expected in the cherry blossom season, May day, nature day, March fishing tournament, April Fool's Day and Bunny's Day.

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