The classification of automobile refueling stations built with LNG as a gas source is based on the types of refueling vehicles. Below we will briefly introduce the characteristics of CNG/LPG and LNG filling stations

1. Features of CNG and LPG cars and filling stations

First of all, CNG vehicle cylinders are heavy and store natural gas in a gaseous state, which needs to be refilled almost every day.

Secondly, the CNG filling station covers a large area and the construction cost is high. A CNG filling station that can fill 100 vehicles per day generally covers an area of ​​2000-3000 square meters and costs 30-50 million yuan.

Thirdly, the equipment of general gas filling stations has certain noise, which is not suitable for building stations in urban areas.

In addition, the CNG filling station cannot be far away from the natural gas pipeline network, which also restricts its development. Although the problem of refilling vehicles in the city can be solved by establishing mother and child stations, the need to increase secondary compression and transportation costs is not economically ideal.

Due to the unsatisfactory emission effect of LPG vehicles, the operating cost of LPG vehicles is higher than that of natural gas vehicles, so there is not much room for development.

2. Characteristics of LNG filling station

1) High energy density. The natural gas contained in the same volume of LNG vehicle storage tanks is 2.5 times that of CNG cylinders. At present, large-scale LNG trucks abroad can continuously travel 1000-1300 kilometers at one time, which is very suitable for long-distance transportation. my country's LNG vehicles generally exceed 800 kilometers.

2) Low construction cost and operating cost. Compared with CNG refueling stations, LNG refueling stations do not require expensive multi-stage compressor units with a large floor area, which greatly reduces the initial investment and operating costs of the gas refueling stations. Compared with CNG filling stations, the one-time investment for LNG filling station construction is reduced by about 30%, and daily operation and maintenance costs are reduced by nearly 50%.

3) Flexible and convenient site construction. The main advantage of the LNG refueling station is that it is free from the restriction of the natural gas pipeline transmission network, and the construction of the station is more flexible, and the station can be built wherever needed.

4) Significant economic benefits. Because the price of LNG is lower than that of gasoline and diesel, and because LNG is completely burned, does not produce carbon deposits, does not dilute lubricating oil, it can effectively reduce the wear of parts and extend the life of automobile engines, so LNG has significant economic benefits.

5) Compared with LPG and CNG, it also has the characteristics of high safety performance and low emission pollution.

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