The Pokemon series of games has ushered in its 25th anniversary, and the new singing Pikachu will also be used as a mysterious gift to celebrate the anniversary. The eighth generation of the game Sword and Shield also added new rare and powerful characters. Unlike the Shiny Pokemon of the Dragon/Ghost-type, Stonjourner, Dracozolt, and Dracovish are not without legend and myth tags, but they can also be called legendary Pokemon.


The Fossil Pokemon all must have been Legendary in Sword and Shield. They are all kinds of abominations with two different Fossils smashed together. No one really cares for Arctovish or Arctozolt. Dracozolt, from the group, is extremely popular, though. It is an Electric/Dragon-type Pokemon who's a brutal attacker in competitive battling. These ancient creatures need to have been made into Legendary Pokemon. The story behind it may have been incredible.


Stonjourner is a straightforward Rock-type Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield. It has decent Attack and Defense stats, but anything else is mediocre. It could have got certainly better stats and status to be a Legendary Pokemon in Generation VIII. It is said to resemble/represent the mysterious rock structure called Stonehenge. It is an iconic location, hence the Pokemon according to it must have been made Legendary. It could are already a cool piece injected into the story. Shiny Stonjourner's selling price on It's $1.89.


Dracovish is even perhaps more popular than Dracozolt. It immediately became a force in battles having a crazy learned along with a signature move often known as Fishious Rend. Dracovish saw the strength that even some Legendary Pokemon never see. Along with the aforementioned Electric version, this Water/Dragon-type could happen to be a great Legendary Pokemon. Categorized like a Fossil Pokemon, Dracovish has each of the makings on the Legendary label.

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