The ECU is the same as an ordinary computer, composed of large-scale integrated circuits such as CPU, ROM/RAM, I/O, AD, and shaping and driving.

ECU work is generally more reliable, the failure rate is very low. And ECU generally has fault self-diagnosis and protection functions. When the system fails, it can also automatically record the fault code in RAM and use protective measures to read the alternative program from the above-mentioned inherent program to maintain the engine's operation.

At the same time, this fault information will be displayed on the dashboard and remain indestructible, which can enable the car owner to discover the problem in time and drive the car to the repair shop. However, with the growth of the vehicle's operating mileage and service life (the mileage exceeds 150,000 kilometers, the service life reaches 6-8 years, especially the operating environment is bad), there will be one or other failures, such as aging, damage and resistance of individual integrated blocks.

Capacitor failure, loose fixing foot bolts and electronic component welding foot joints will cause the ECU control function to fail or the control system to work poorly, resulting in difficulty in starting the engine, unstable idling, poor power, increased fuel consumption and emissions Failures such as exceeding the standard.

Before ECU overhaul, several points must be paid attention to:

(1) Check the external circuit carefully, eliminate the fault of the external circuit, and check and repair the ECU only after confirming that the external circuit is normal;

(2) Check whether there are damage marks on the outside of the ECU, whether the fixing is firm, and whether the soldering tin is reliable;

(3) Check the connection of the line, especially whether the power line and grounding are normal.

(4) Confirm the ECU model used by the system.

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