Like I thought the entire notion of Animal Crossing Bells cultural appropriation is a neutral matter - hairstyles and style cross cultural lines all of the timeI feel as if it is only disrespectful if you're appropriating something together with cultural significance that isn't being respected.

For people in a party that likes to disown their own extremists that they assist breed, they sure love latching onto controversies which let them discredit social justice issues like cultural appropriation.Honestly it's too much to put into one Reddit hate post, but there's quite a saga if you are tired and need to look into him in your own.

Possessing a discourse about elements of certain cultures being improper to mimic (Americans dressing up as native Americans to get Halloween springs to mind) is completely okay with me, but trying to ruin someone's life over it's way beyond my comprehension.In China, wearing double buns is a standard hairstyle for small girls, the equivalent of pigtails from the west. I wouldn't be shocked if it was the same situation in Japan.

Dual buns themselves arent bad. I think that the issue is really that the hairstyle in acnh is much more specifically textured to look like afro puffs rather than space buns. A distance buns hair design in the game would more match the other buns in the sport look.i see where you are coming from, but imo the style doesn't belong to black people. Whites may have afro-textured hair, or Cheap Nook Miles Ticket hair curled sufficient to have that type of texture when tied back.