So it will not throw you in with 20 abilities and also an introduction to boss mechanisms all at one time. Sure you might claim revolution is on by RS gold default, but that doesn't teach them the abilities or how it works together. When I was informed I had a toolbelt, that would be great. If I needed to get the tools for this, that would be good. Like the network that is lodestone. But the graduality of things being unlocked has to be adjusted. I don't now have a response, maybe after I leave the new player experience I will.

Thanks for replying! Additionally, love the movies you have so far, it is always enjoyable for me to watch osrs players giving rs3 a fair try. Your points are fairly strong, idk if I'd begin players on legacy per se, but personally I feel heritage as a whole needs to be removed, it merely adds another layer of confusion to RuneScape, and was just introduced to facilitate the pain of skills, before revolution was something. Again that's just me, although it doesnt serve much purpose today. I'm eagar to understand how your view and understanding shifts as RuneScape advances, but youre definitely right on one stage. RuneScape's intro requires work.

There's a tutorial island, and it will teach you about the toolbelt, and how to utilize it. The issue is, you do not visit tutorial island unless you select"returning participant" when making a new account. It should be the default option regardless of what, fast getting players throughout the basics, then burthorpe acting as a tutorial+ for those who desire it, as it does cover a lot like Slayer, crafting, fletching, etc.Only addition I will place here is please don't recommend the elimination of heritage. We are aware that it isn't the hottest but there is a dedicated group of players that just utilize legacy(see the heritage only worlds). While a small group of players I would quote in a 24 hour period around 500-900 players within that group. If Jagex removed it there would be a lot of unhappy players from this group.

What we can take from this is that Jagex literally needs to replace both tutorial island and burthrope tutorial using a genuine tutorial/controlled game environment that's far better than both. Rehashing burthrope tutorial is something we have seen Jagex perform on occasion but they have to realize that low level gameplay generally is a untended mess. Tossing a entirely new player into a sandbox and trusting they don't run into content that is too old or questionably imbalanced is by contemporary game criteria, a very mediocre action to do. I don't say this since individuals should vigorously defend that this is the way RuneScape is, but because people who come from a different game, typically another mmo, will have much higher standards for the way their initial 10 hours of game plays out.

I would vow that base 1-30 combat stats should occur in a completely contained environment such as guide island but on an appropriately bigger scale with an adventure narrative, a restricted number of skills, and balanced encounter prices. The woodland enclosure that the player starts at with the survival expert in which you learn to fish, make a fire and cook, is a great formula with a fantastic tone. This can be built upon by us. On this island you create your own way up the levels to progress the storyline, with numerous ability experts/tutors scattered across that may be consulted at any time as needs be. The narrative requires specified stats. It's possible to leave the island at any moment through confirmation dialog if you completed, or whether you're a veteran searching fast levels.

Being in a contained environment, various things could be done that burthrope and southern RuneScape can't. To be completely clear, this can be done anywhere, so long as it's contained. A instanced and reworked forest someplace in lumbridge can get the job done as well. Establishing a proper sandbox environment for new gamers to coast in with controlled variables is something RuneScape needs, being that this is a match with 20 decades of OSRS buy gold content.