There are many types of metal system appliances, including electroplating chairs, beds, coffee tables, hangers, metal office chair , etc. So, how do we need to buy?

The chrome-plated surface of metal office furniture should be fresh and bright, and the paint or painted parts should be uniform in color, rich in the paint film, and free from peeling, rust, scratches, and pits. The welding place should be flat, no open welding, no missing welding, no spot marks, no cracks, and no pitting on the electroplating layer. The curved ellipse is smooth without wrinkles. The fixed parts should be firm; the rivets, screws, and nails at the joints should be smooth and flat, free of burrs, bruises, and looseness. Wooden parts combined with metal system furniture, such as plywood or composite plastic, should have a smooth surface, no degumming, and no blistering. If covering the artificial leather surface, there should be no scratches, no wrinkles, no pollution, no cracks, etc. The landing of the system appliance on all four feet should be stable and consistent, and the folding system appliance should be straight and flexible when folded.

When choosing office appliances, you must choose carefully. PU office chairs also have their purchasing standards.