As a sneaker player, the Nike CNY series shoes of major brands at the end of each year has become so popular that you have to pay attention! In particular, Nike is a brand that runs through our lives. The annual CNY series is not only heavy enough, but creative enough, the most important thing is that many styles are really unattainable. Although players have mixed reviews on the previous years of the CNY series. But there is no doubt that the status of the Nike CNY series in the current sneaker circle, even if you don’t buy it, you must check it out! The reason why I can say this is that, on the one hand, the Nike CNY series has only once a year, and there are very few series that can maintain such a frequency of sale and the quality of shoes.
Secondly,2021 Jordan Shoes, the Nike CNY series is a special series created by Nike every year for Chinese players. Looking at the world, only domestic players can enjoy such treatment, and foreigners can only see it sourly! After all the calls came out, this year the Nike CNY series was officially released. Among them, the market price of the much-watched "Firecracker" Dunk Low has doubled, and there may be a surprise attack at any time before the official release tomorrow morning.
In addition, Blazer Mid, Kybrid S2 and Air Max 2090 shoes are already on sale! You will have the answer after reading which double circle fan and grass planting. This year's Nike CNY series covers many categories, "Firecrackers", "Chinese Knot" and "Spring Blossoms" are the three main ones running through. Interested friends may wish to go to the Air Jordan Shoes 2021 store according to their needs.