Air Jordan Shoes 2021.Festive and Chinese elements! Owen boots Kyrie 7's CNY color is here! Owen's seventh-generation signature boots have been launched in this year's CNY China special color scheme. Nike released the basketball star series of shoes last year. Among them, the Adapt BB 2.0 has received a good market response and is deeply loved by the majority of shoe fans. Owen, as a big star of Nike, his signature shoes have always been both practical and trendy. Prior to Kyrie 7 The sales form of blind boxes has received widespread attention.
2021 Jordan Shoes.This pair of Nike Kyrie 7 "Chinese New Year" not only has a festive atmosphere, but also has unique Chinese elements. Whether it is on the field or in daily wear, it has a good effect. Taking red and gold as the main visual line of this time, the red and black multi-layer upper is supplemented by a gorgeous gold Swoosh. The unique decorative effect also makes this big hook full of personality. The heel is embroidered with a red rope pattern embellished with Nike Swoosh, which has a Chinese holiday effect.
Different from the red and green of the traditional CNY, this color scheme uses black + purple as the main color, and the double-layer mesh of the shoe body presents a unique texture. The Swoosh on the side of the shoe body is embellished with gold and has a Chinese knot texture, adding a gorgeous texture. The TPU frame on the side of the toe cap and the shoe laces are decorated with lake green and blue respectively, which makes the overall tone richer. The heel embroidery is a combination of Swoosh and Chinese knots, highlighting the festive Chinese theme.
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Item No.: CQ9326-006