I am pleased to find some buddies finally right into it. A number of them only have consoles and also have very, very sub-par PCs to play the game together with all the English Patch. Only like 1 buddy is really really close for a brand new PC, however, he would like to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta wait on playing PSO2 till it comes west. While I await starting new with everybody else and do not mind grinding from scratch, I still think the western launch is going be severely exacerbated by licensing problems in transferring most cosmetics from JP into the west.

The gameplay ought to be OK, but makeup are honestly a HUGE part of the game with how many different options you have, and you would definitely realize that this yourself if you ever looked in bumped.org/psublog. I didn't count, but I am almost sure we're either coming or past 1000 hairstyles (you are bound to get very similar ones using this many), along with a stupid quantity of outfits and accessories at this time.

Not having anywhere near as much cosmetics to get and potentially never seeing most of them due to licensing issues will suck big time. Reaching end-game at PSO2 is decently quick, and with more than sufficient end-game equipment does not require that long. After you're either leveling another class, min-maxing your stats even though this is not really a challenging game to warrant that (just bragging rights), or grinding meseta for makeup, which is very addicting in itself. That last part is very important to mepersonally, so I really don't know how long my focus will be kept by the english version.

I am hoping to be proven wrong and https://www.pso2ah.com/ I know that it will take some time transferring stuff over, but if this is a F2P, I only hope they know their position in the western market when already a good chunk of fans understands the JP servers are filled to the brim with content, and they don't do some acute P2W elements.