The Pokémon game has been updated to the eighth generation since the first generation of Red and Green in 1996. Sword and Shield, as the eighth-generation products, have not surpassed all previous versions, but they are still among the best. It also ranked fifth in this year's Nintendo Switch rankings. Enough to see how hot it is.

According to Nintendo's latest financial report, the sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield have exceeded 20 million. After Gold and Silver, it became a representative of the new era of Pokemon games. In the best-selling year of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it also kept the hearts of pokemon players. After all, under the 31.38 million data results of OGs Red, Blue, and Green, he is also the most promising version to surpass Gold and Silver.

Twenty-five years have passed. Pokemon can be said to have gone through wind and rain, some people come and some people leave. There has been endless scenery, and there have been troughs. Dexit's controversial incident. Last month, he cooperated with the Japanese government to arrest a hacker. The theft of game data is a challenge. From the prohibition of using Sword and Shield's online services to the total prohibition. The launch of Game Freak. These are all working hard to maintain this game and make everything shiny.

New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite will celebrate the New Year with players. Pokemon Day is coming, and you can look forward to the remake of Diamond and Pearl. All the efforts of the technical staff of game development are always to make the game better, and players can experience better games. Continuous progress and innovation have resulted in the now popular sword and shield.

The new features of Sword and Shield, streamlined contact design, more freedom of players, and better Shiny Pokemon design have been praised by players. Although Pokédex was criticized by some players. But it doesn't stop more players from enjoying it, just like This article does not introduce anything about the game, but only shows some data and events of the game. But I believe these are also the reasons why old players have always loved it. In 2021 Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon, let us fight for the championship.