Lead acid jumper packs have always been the industry standard. Typically, they package more CCA than any lithium battery. The disadvantage is that they self-discharge at a rate of 1-2% per day at room temperature. They discharge at a lower temperature at a lower temperature, but also output less at the same low temperature. Most importantly, there is more energy from a lead-acid jumper box than any lithium battery. But you must charge more often to keep your battery fully charged (once a month).

Lithium battery jump starters maintain a much longer charge than lead acid batteries. They are also smaller and lighter. They do self-discharge, but at a much lower rate. In fact, lithium batteries can maintain 60-90 days of power. However, like lead-acid batteries, their output is reduced when cold. What are the disadvantages of lithium batteries?

They are more sensitive to heat, so you should not store them in the passenger compartment in hot weather.
Every CCA CCA, they are more expensive than lead acid starters.

They cannot be rebuilt. If you have a lead acid jumper package and the battery has failed, you can order a new battery. For most lithium starters, this is not an option. When they fail, you can recycle old equipment and buy new ones.

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